who can shoot 360 degree product photography in san francisco

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$25 Product Photography. Open every day.
Please phone  (650) 479-5419.
Please email at jmztabletop@gmail.com

1. $99 – Three hundred sixty degree photography. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR WEBMASTER FOR 360 HTML COMPATIBILITY with https://www.imajize.com/support/. SF Product Photography charges $99 per product for 360 imaging. What we deliver for $99 are thirty one JPEG images on DVD. After 24 hours, we provide a FREE TEST URL with 360 product images. Client must find a webmaster and a 360 viewer engine and must upload 31 JPEGS and build and embed digital files (FTP) in your website. SOME WEB ARCHITECTURE WILL NOT WORK 360 – for example WEEBLY. We recommend imajize.com 360 hosting which is a paid service , to build the HTML/IFRAME codes. We use IMAJIZE.COM to host our 360 images. We can also recommend WP Plugin webbrotate360.com. Again, please contact your webmaster to clarify. Please email us at jmztabletop@gmail.com to verify service contract and special instructions and number of items to be 360 photographed. We return and verify emails ASAP or next business day. Sorry , we do not photograph firearms, pornographic or contraband and/or illegal products.

2. All products are shot in our SF photography studio with professional studio strobe lights. Sorry no outdoor photography. Sorry we do not shoot with male or female models. We do not shoot with candles, natural window light , LED, light bulbs or any inconsistent light source. All products are shot on flat white background. Photoshop not included. Shooting time is approximately one hour per 360 item. Signing of any legal document/title (non-disclosure and/or exclusive copyrights title), is $100 per signature or product image.

3. We shoot in our San Francisco studio during business hours. No location photography available for 360. We are open everyday from 8am to 8pm. $99 fee applies only to tabletop photography on flat white background. SF/CA Sales Tax added to all sales. Product/item maximum weight is 50lbs and maximum size limits are 36 inches by 36 inches by 36 inches. No open liquids please. By default, all digital images created (sample here) are 21.1 megapixels (5,616 × 3,744 pixels) , color jpeg file, RGB, 4 megabites and 72 dpi resolution. We also include CR2-RAW images. All images are shot with Canon Digital SLR (Canon 5D Mark 2) camera. Mannequins or props bill at $500 per item, per day. Photo-stylist is $250 per hour, two hour minimum and must be prepaid. Please clean and prepare your products for photography. Please be on time. Please come in ready to shoot.

4. 360 PhotoShop (pure white background -RGB255-on thirty one JPEGS) is $200 per item, and is optional and additional. 360 PhotoShop reconstruct (GHOSTING) is $100 additional. PhotoShop enhancement is any default camera JPEG image modification, for web or print, by photoshop/lightroom/bridge software. By default , we do pure white RGB-255 ,without shadow, as background, at 72 DPI. All enhancement / modification instructions must be in writing, and confirmed by email reply. Please allow three business days for PhotoShop rendering turnaround per item/product. Rush fee is 100% per item. Pure white is RGB values of 255. You must use photoshop to achieve pure white RGB 255 background. All photoshop work ordered must be prepaid.

5. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We ask our clients to be present in our studio to stage and approval the photography process. We have a live feed digital camera that shoots “what-you-see-is-what-you-get.” ***We collect our fee when you are satisfied with all the images. We accept Cash (USD), Paypal, Checks. Sorry we do not offer net 30/60/90. We release all images on DVD after payment in full. After payment, we can upload digital files under 2GB to WeTransfer.com, which is a 24 hour upload. For $99 , we deliver thirty one JPEG images on DVD. Digital images (jpegs) are on file (hard drive) for 30 days. After 30 days , all digital files are deleted. Return shipping not included. We can sell a USB Flash 8GB-$20 each. We are at your service always and available 24/7. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

***Our business policy is that the customer is always right!
We thank you for visiting our website and hope to hear from you soon. You may reach us at any time so we can answer any questions you may have about our product photography services. Please contact us via email at jmztabletop@gmail.com
Thank you for choosing our service!
SF Product Photography / San Francisco, CA


who can shoot 360 degree product photography in san francisco
who can shoot 360 degree product photography in san francisco